sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Jef Aerosol, stencil on poster, Brick Lane

Jef Aerosol hit up a few stenciled posters around Brick Lane in December 2005. Awesome.

Stencil Art by Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol is a French stencil graffiti artist who has been one of the very first street art pionners of the early 80s. He has left his mark on the walls of many cities in the world including London.

sexta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2010

quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Graffiti Art in Brick Lane

" For One Moment I Thought You Were Sad"

" Wild Cat Capitalist"

" Mystery Girl"

" Faceless Pinup Girl"
Recently, the East End street has become a popular focus for art, particularly in terms of street art.

Welcome to Brick Lane

A place where feelings of fascination, fear and freedom of being different are strongly mixed like the vibrant and multicultural people who surround you.