terça-feira, 9 de março de 2010

One & Other Project

Art is somehow the way you express your own feelings, the way you get in touch with the others and especially with yourself. That moment is precisely the special moment you are making art, the moment you are dealing profoundly with yourself, the moment of reflexion, and the way you feel you can express it to get it known by the others or not . That is why everyone can somehow make a moment of art in their own life. You just have to explore your creativeness and keep in touch with yourself and what you are feeling about and then you find it… art.

And that’s why Antony Gormley is my favourite. I like the way he uses the human being form to express his own fears, doubts, thoughts, visions, his relations with the others, and particularly with himself and his identity. This is also what I feel about the project “One & Other”. I believe Antony Gormley actually wanted to give an opportunity to other people to express themselves, to let their feelings flourish and the result was simply unforgettable.

I do believe the purest way of making art is that in which the artist creates the simplest forms, and things are deeply profound and spontaneous.

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