quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

Peace and Love Movement

Often having long hair and wearing brightly coloured clothes, the Hippie subculture appeared in the U.S.A in the middle of the 50's taking a very stronger diffusion to U.K and Western Europe society.
Such in unconventional appearance they were extremely careless in their aspect and clothes without taking up one residence or workplace. Frequently descending from traditional families, their ideology was based in a rejection of conventional values like an individual considered separately but a brotherly common life.
They also refused and contested the society as a consumer world depending on commodity of goods and services. Consciously critical they believed they could change the world exercising the "no-violence". Also sex was seen as a way of getting rid of all violence and sucess ardent desire inside of each one.
Often associated with drugs they criated the famous statement " Peace and Love".
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