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This movement appeared in the middle of the 20th century defending the modern ideias instead of traditional ones. It began to modifying traditional beliefs and doctrines especially from the Roman Catholic Church. As such, the Modernism was a period that brought a storm of cultural, creative and artistic people to England. Several artists start to writte or to paint their feelings of life expressing freedom of thoughts. The modernism was getting stronger in methods of diffusion.
Everything was pretty and new! They lived for style, for fashion, for music and for drugs!Their ideology of live was living the moment and be extremely cool!
‘It was so exact, so precise, so neat, streamlined, clean, hard and totally expressive.’
Paul Weller, The ModFather,2003

"It's a Mod World.
Information Sources: http://www.rosehilldesigns.co.uk/; Wikipédia, the free encyclopedia.

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Paul disse...

Is there a way to turn the music off/down so that it doesn't automatically play when people enter your blog? Whenever I open your page I have to remember to turn my speakers down, it's so loud! It would be better if you could give people the option of whether they want to listen to it or not.

Paul disse...

I'm glad to see your blog developing and very happy to see you getting into the habit of crediting your information sources.

I can't see your fictitious subculture for the homework assignment. Did you create one? I also can't see your Banksy comment. I have your Sarah Palin assignment and your text summary from unit I however.