sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2009

My Museum

African Mask

I have it fixed on the wall of my bedroom. I bought this fantastic african mask in a handicraft market a few years ago. Its related to my great interest in people from different cultures. The African tribes and its religious ceremonies are one of the most interesting and mysterious subjects.

Pipe Incense Burner

I believe that burning incense can bring you positive energy or at least, it can make your surrounding more magical. I brought this burner from Aljezur, Algarve.

Photo Collection

I brought this photos from my old house in Lisbon when I was 17 years old. They belonged to the vanished family of the house owner where we were living. Some of those photos remained to 1903 and are signed by Souza & Paul from Real House of Portuguese India.

Pakistan Onyx Glasses

This beautiful onyx wine glasses were a gift from a pakistan friend.

Tin Bracelet

I made it myself at art & design school classes when I was 14 years old. We learnt how to work with tin and linoleum materials.

Stone from Marão

It means my connection with nature. A few years ago I did an expedition to Marão mines and I pick up this little souvenir to my special collection.


This was my art & design sketchbook. We had a daily exercise that consisted in draw somekind of object in a different type of paper. I did it the whole year and the difficult thing was to find such different number of sheet of paper.

CD Player System

This was my first cd's player sound system. I used it in my car but everytime there was a hole or a drop of speed it stoped playing!

Blue Clogs

I used them when I was a little child. In fact I don't remember that and sometimes I keep looking and thinking: ' Did I really use this?'

Strong-box from the 19th century

I inherited it from a great old friend of my parents who lived with us in Lisbon city. He was a very special person. Sometimes at night we talked for hours and hours and though he was about eighty years old he was one of my confident friends. He had travelled a lot and had lived in several different countries. He had worked with Orson Wells and Greta Garbo. His stories were amazing.

6 comentários:

Paul disse...

Great stuff! Particularly like the strongbox, it's gorgeous and very steampunkesque. What's with the blue clogs and the cassette? Are you going to add some info about them?

Paula Ferreira disse...

:)Yes it is! I like it very, very much but it need to be restored..

I haven't finished my work yet..;)

Paul disse...

Are you able to change the colour of the font used for commenting? Black on black adds to the mystery, but it's hard to read!

Paula Ferreira disse...

I haven't noticed it:)Thank you for remembering me.

English Culture disse...

Your personal museum guide reflects a person who wants to keep some privacy. This is how I see you indeed.
Some of the objects you have chosen gave me the idea that you like adventure. I think that you enjoy to travel when you have the possibility. You like to know distinct cultures from our own and you like to meet different people who tells you all kind of stories Well, it's interesting. I also enjoy meet people with different life experience, we learn a lot with them.
You have a huge fascination for magical and misterious objects which identifies those same distinct cultures and distinguished stories.
I also see you as an admirer of nature which must be preserved for the future.

Paul disse...

Claudia, I agree with your observation about Paula's choices reflecting a taste for mystery and privacy. That 19th century strong box says it all! I've just visited someone else's museum however, whose choices might indicate an even stronger tendency towards preserving their secrets…