quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2010

Art, Design & Architecture

Back for a new aim this time called “Art, Design & Architecture “.

For a start I would like to mention that the subject of this project is one of my favourites. Once in the past I studied Art & Design in secondary school so this will give me the pleasure to recall the knowledge I acquired from that great time; other will certainly be the result of an extensive research that I'll be treating on until the end of this project.

In addition I would like to say that more than learning about Art& Design I had the opportunity to enlarge the sensitiveness and openness to look at every kind of human art expression with other eyes. So I guess I got the curiosity of an artist!

When I first thought about what I would choose to represent each one of the items “Art, Design & Architecture “, I remembered of the good old times of researching in the Art Library of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon city.
Although I do prefer contemporany art rather than others I will post here some of my favorite works from earlier centuries. First I will refer to a period of Art History – specifically, the Impressionism, then I will mention two portuguese painters with especial attention to Amadeo Souza-Cardoso. José Malhoa is not one of my favourites but I do like all the realism that can be found in several of his paintings.

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