sexta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2008

The Mod's Style

They were called Mod or Modernists, came naturally after Teds and adopted the Royal Air Force’s symbol with a concentric circle in blue, red and white colours.
They appeared refusing the traditional values of British society and disconnecting of love songs. Instead of that it began to appear the nocturne clubs, dance music, Brit Pop, R&B, etc.

The Mods' groups were directed toward long nocturne hours. They adopted the scooter to keep moving around the city once the public transport services were closing too early at night and also the vehicles’ prices were extremely expensive.

However when the new law established that motorbike would have to have at least a mirror, the Mod’s had finished for placing 4, 10, 20 and more mirrors in their scooters in order to keep parodying the law. In fact that became their group’s symbol.

Speaking about fashion, they were adopting a smooth, sophisticated look with their tailor-made Italian suits (sometimes white) with narrow lapels, mohair clothes, thin ties, button-down collar shirts, wool or cashmere sweaters and hairstyles that imitated the French Nouvelle Vague's look of cinema actors, such as Jean-Paul Belmondo. The use of scooters influenced the appearance of military wide parkas and also coats in order to protect the expensive tailor-made suits.
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