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Ted Subcultural Style

From “Teddy Boy”. They had appeared in England in the middle of the 50th decade, dressed with clothes based on the period of the beginning of the century, which were reintroduced after the Second Great War. Basically they were inspired in Edwardian period style.

Typically, they exhibited three-quarter coats, habitual use of collars in velvet, fine pants jousts and neckties of strait knot, or also other elements of closing in the collar, and boots or shoes of high soles with colourful stockings at sight.

Hairdos include previous gel’s products, as grease, in order to get, as we call, a greased up-hair with a quiff at the front.

They had been the first group to have a masculine interest in fashion; till that time the masculine fashion was associated exclusively to homosexual’s movements. Teddy Boy’s style intended to cause an impact on public opinion by introduce a new dressing style.

Highly associated to American Rock & Roll, they intended to define a sole style of dressing always looking the same aspect in counterpoint to habitual work clothes versus Sunday’s tailor-made suits.

They are the primordial of 60’s Rockers which we can include Elvis, James Dean or 70’s Rock abilities. John Lennon was one of the famous followers of this style.

Some of these groups were following violent racist white mobs that were attacking black people and their properties.
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