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Highly influenced by Mods' principles and Jamaicans' cultures (Rude Boys), this sub cultural style had also appeared in the 60’s. The politics’ connotations had got structure afterwards in the middle of the 80’s.

The skinheads’ style was getting force in the workers’ low classes whose economic potential wasn’t the same as the Mod, limiting their choice of expensive tailor-made suits and clubs. They were lined up in the Ska, the primitive Reggae and Rocksteady, before the Reggae get itself the spirit of the Rastafarian.

The short hair or skin-head hairstyle probably come from pragmatism, given that quiff and long hair could be a risk in their industrial jobs, remarking a social and economic class. In clothes terms, the geographic areas had got an enormous influence by having a great variety of styles. From 70th decade, it has an approach to the Punk movement that defined aviator coats and high boots of combat out of pants.
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